The Acquisition of QuickTech: A Strategic Move by STATIM Inc

After weeks of deliberation, Statim Inc, an e-commerce acquisition company, has moved to acquire, a Tech and Solar brand known for its customer-centric approach and large catalog selection

This acquisition was driven by the shared vision and values ​​of the two companies. QuickTech’s expertise and reputation support Statim Inc.’s expanding market and advanced e-commerce brand development strategy.

The inclusion of QuickTech in Statim Inc.’s portfolio aims to provide an overall better customer experience and open the door to ICT solutions alongside supply chains. Together QuickTech plans on being brought to a place where it can be an industry leader, empowering customers and pushing the envelope for all business owners alike.

As the merger comes to a close, both companies will work tirelessly to ensure the level of quality remains and that the new additions will roll out smoothly.